Five of the World’s Strangest Pieces of Real Estate

Most of us have a clear idea of our perfect piece of real estate. Maybe it’s a penthouse in New York City with floor to ceiling windows, modern furniture, and an amazing view of the skyline. Maybe it’s a sprawling, old-fashioned ranch in Montana, with a view of the mountains and acres of land for animals and farming. Or perhaps it’s a nice, modern build in the suburbs, complete with a white picket fence and a cul-de-sac. Although these are all great, for some homeowners, a perfect piece of real estate has to be something different. How different? Keep reading to learn about some of the strangest houses in the world.1. Skinny HouseThe Skinny House, located in Boston, is a minuscule four-story property sandwiched between two other homes in the downtown area. History tells us that the home was built out of spite to frustrate the neighbors and block out their sunlight and air. The Skinny House is the narrowest property in the city, spanning just 10.4 feet at its widest point. Its narrowest point is 6.2 feet across, allowing an adult to touch opposing walls. There is no front entrance; you must enter via a small alley.2. The Dancing HouseLocated in Czech Republic, this home was constructed between 1992 and 1996. A joint venture between architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry, the property seems to be split into two parts, each with a distinctly different style. Viewed together, the house resembles a dancing couple. This explains its nickname of “Ginger and Fred,” referring to the famous dancing couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.3. Neverwas HaulThis “house” is actually a Victorian-themed three story structure on wheels. Created by a group of Steampunks, the home was used to explore the Black Rock Desert during the Burning Man Festival. This beautiful and creative home is made of 75% recycled materials.4. Sliding HouseThe Sliding House is located in Suffolk, England. Designed by London-based architects at dRMM, the structure includes portions that slide to create different units including the roof. This means that you can essentially recreate and reorganize the home according to your mood. An incredible feat of engineering, this is truly a remarkable home.5. Toilet HouseSuwon, South Korea is home to a toilet-shaped property. South Korean sanitation activists built the structure in 2007 to mark the start of a global toilet association. It is the world’s first lavatory-shaped home and offers plenty of water closet space.Whether you dream of living in a more traditional space or would be right at home in a giant toilet, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the real estate of your dreams.

The Beautiful New Tampa Real Estate Market

The masterfully planned and laid out area of New Tampa real estate contains acres upon acres of striking award-winning homes set among a dramatic natural environment. A search of the New Tampa homes for sale will quickly reveal a range of home sites from lakefront property to wetland and tree lined natural environments. All these sites take advantage of the serene and peaceful mood provided compliments of Mother Nature.The rapid growth of the New Tampa real estate area can readily be attributed to the nearby location of the University. The University of South Florida is a not only a cultural and educational enticement to many but also draws vast encouragement from the medical community. These features tend to make this an especially sought-after location in which to reside for families with either older or younger offspring. The close proximity of the various office parks appeals to many individuals that are employed within the telecommunications, financial and insurance industries.The lifestyle exhibited within New Tampa is compatible with that of the surrounding area. It readily offers a pleasant measure of various sports, an abundance of recreational activities, nature parks and trails, first-rate golf courses, recently established tennis courts and several swimming facilities.It is fairly easy to gain access to New Tampa as it connects to highway I -75 and the Bruce Downs Boulevard junction. You can not miss the turn off location.The New Tampa area affords you as a resident a great day of shopping in the many petite quaint shops which line the streets. Should you require a needed break you can readily rest and enjoy a good inexpensive meal or partake of a refreshing drink at one of the many dining facilities.There are several smaller communities which comprise the New Tampa real estate vicinity. I would like to briefly introduce you to one of them known as Arbor Greene.Arbor GreeneArbor Greene is a very popular New Tampa community that features many modern updated amenities. It is huddle peacefully away from the busy city noises. If you are seeking an old Florida style home site location, this is the place for you. This tranquil community is situated upon 596 acres of environmentally friendly land and well suited for the complete family. Here you can discover a family fitness center, several wholesome and clean swimming pools plus a community center which employs a full-time director. You and your family can enjoy an exciting tennis game at the community tennis complex or if you happen to be into golf there is the nearby Hunter’s Green community country club.New Tampa is an area of over 90 full acres of fun filled scenic lakes, eleven recreational parks, and an abundance of nature trails plus over 100 acres reserved as a conservation area. Should you require a few hours of city life you merely need to step beyond your staffed security gate and experience the best dining, shopping and banking facilities around. The immediate area also boosts of a new modern YMCA and a vast regional library.

Cheap Mexico Real Estate for Retirement – Comfort for Less!

Buying cheap Mexico real estate can save retirees money beyond the amount saved on the property itself. Living in Mexico is also much more affordable than retirement destinations within the U.S., while offering world-class services.In terms of finding affordable properties, there are many options to choose from. Some tourist locations are just at the point of beginning to “take off,” and still offer very low prices relative to other options. Among these are Campeche, Progreso and Costa Maya, all on the Yucatan Peninsula. Retirees will need to consider which services are already available; while services will grow in the future, are the services available now sufficient to meet retirement needs in upcoming years?The distance to large hospitals must also be considered. This ranges from about 30 minutes in Progreso (to Merida) to about 1.5 hours in Costa Maya (to Chetumal.) Local, modern health care clinics exist in each of these communities which cover most needs.These areas offers a range of properties, including well priced Mexico condos on or near the beachfront, land, sometimes directly on the beach, and homes; both fixer-uppers and new or renovated homes can be found for very reasonable prices.Another entire set of options can be found in the larger tourist destinations; while prices have generally gone up, the size of the market and variety of property has also grown. In order to find in-expensive properties, buyers will need to trade distance from the beachfront, but the advantage is that they will gain very close access to a larger number of services. This having been said, the distance to the beach is still usually not far (5-10 minutes driving.)While some prefer to live next to the beach in an “off-the-beaten-track” community, others will prefer to sacrifice walking to the beach for a more modern lifestyle. The choice depends on the needs and preference of each retiree.Cost of living is a point to consider carefully as well. The “off-the-beaten-track” communities will usually offer basic day-to-day goods (groceries, etc.) at very low prices. International goods that are not common in Mexico, however, will be harder to find, and more expensive when they are available. In larger tourist communities, day-to-day goods will be a little more expensive (still noticeably less than in the U.S. or Canada) but international goods will be available for lower prices.Buyers considering a low-priced retirement should consider Mexico, and choose their location based on the lifestyle they; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely.